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Chitinous Shenanigans

So I recently drew up the logo for a band called Garbage Point…
Check them out on Facebook.
A mixture of work, arm pain, and necessary organizing has kept me from making post worthy art, but I’m hoping to remedy that shortly. For now, heres a silly little doodle thing.
The Cave of our Ancestors
"The oldest stories of our people all seem to center on two things, the huge monstrosities that once raged upon the earth, and the great star gods that came to us in our infancy. Their tyrannical reign, the building of their star boats, and their hunt for strange idols laid the cement for our society. It was they who made us strong, and united us." - Piko Pikerson of Long Nose Clan
But seriously, if the next Pikmin game went all super serious and gritty it would be hilarious.
You can get Prints HERE! Adorn your wall with super serious carrot aliens!
An Ill Mannered Beast
"Olimar’s log tells of a horrendous white spotted beast that resides in the forests. Larger than a house, its breath reeks of the hundreds of hapless Pikmin it has eaten. Its footsteps are as thunder and its viscousness is only equalled by it’s lethargy. After a full meal it will often fall asleep, leaving it open to attack."
T-shirts and prints available HERE.
A completely incorrect weevil doodle. Like Indigo… what are you even doing?

Working on some new monsters for the portfolio. Trying to make a beefy tank critter, possibly with acid spitting capabilities.

I really need to start working faster and less detailed though… Be great if I could get some color in my early process.

Next up, a few more sketches, then picking the best 2 or 3 and modding the hell out of them.

Know whats weird? I generally write off Dreamworks animation as a soulless “We want some of Pixar’s money” copycat company who can only produce 1 dimensional characters with perpetually smarmy faces…

And then they go and make these movies.

Like, I should be in bed right now getting well rested for work in 6 hours and instead I’m up drawing fanart of adorable CAT DRAGON THINGS?

(so in short, go take an evening and see How to Train Your Dragon 2. I can’t believe that they were able to make a sequel even more satisfying than the original. I thought that was like, only for Pixar (as long as we forget Cars 2 ever happened))


Painting style practice. I’ve been doing a bunch of unsatisfactory life studies, so I figured I should try and do something from imagination to see if I could apply what I learned.

I wish working in color didn’t take so much time…

A xenomorph head sketch I didn’t use.
Sooo, two things. One, I saved a small snapping turtle that was in the middle of the road the other day. Hence the study.
And two I’ve gotten a go ahead from my doctor to draw with reckless abandon again! Basically the arm injury I have might never get better, but it definitely won’t get so bad that my arm ceases to function. So now it’s just a matter of doing some heavy weight training, living on ibuprofen, and POWERING THROUGH THE PAAAAIIIIINNNN! >:D
There’s still some hope that I’ll heal for good, but even if there isn’t, its wonderful to hear that I can draw without fearing that I’ll be forced to stop in the future. I wan’t to draw and create until I drop, regardless of whatever obstacle the world throws up.
So basically after a 7-freakin-month hiatus I’M BACK IN ACTION KIDS!